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Black Woman's Wholistic Exchange

To:  All Our Visitors,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for taking the time to visit BWWEonline. I hope you will come again. Please feel free to share with us your thoughts, idead and suggestions.

I'd like to take a minute to answer a question you might have, one that I have often been asked: "Why I spell, the word, "holistic" with a "W?"

No! Its not a mistake!! I purposely use a "W" to spell this word to emphaize what, to me is it most important meaning! "Wholistic" is a descriptive term which means: WHOLE: "ALL-IN-ALL" Complete, Undivided, Total, Alpha and Omega, All-together = UNITY!

Each of these terms (in total) complements, enhances and supports BWWE's founding principle and motto: "Black Women Getting Things Done Together."

I hope this answers one of your question. If you have others, please do not hesitate to let me know either by phone, email, fax or even by, "snail-mail," I will personally answer your inquiry or letter.

Thank you again. May The Peace And The Blessings of Allah Be Your Always.  As-Salaam Alaikum-Peace. 

Sincerely, Sister Halimah Allah - Executive Director Black Woman's Wholistic Exchange

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"Truth Is Welcomed Among Those Who Seek It" Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Black Child's Pledge

Black Child's Pledge I pledge allegiance to my
Black People.

I pledge to develop my mind and body to the greatest
extent possible.

I will learn all that I can in order to give my best
to my People in their struggle for liberation.

I will keep myself physically fit, building a strong
body free from drugs and other

substances which weaken me and make me less capable of protecting myself, my family and my Black brothers and sisters.

I will unselfishly share my knowledge and understanding with them in order to bring about change more quickly.

I will discipline myself to direct my energies thoughtfully and constructively rather than wasting them in idle hatred.

I will train myself never to hurt or allow others to harm my Black brothers and sisters

for I recognize that we need every Black Man, Woman, and Child to be physically, mentally and psychologically strong.

These principles I pledge to practice daily and to teach them to others in order to unite my People.

The Black Panther, October 26, 1968
by Shirley Williams

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